Raspberry Pi – Gentoo


The purpose of this document is to expound initial targets for the Raspberry Pi before it may be considered to be a server.  This will also serve to help me assess my progress as reach goals and meet challenges.  One or more lists will form the core body so please don’t expect wild exciting prose.


My plan is to build a secure enterprise server that will provide email services to my and my family.  The Raspberry Pi will act as the server and will use a large Hard Disc Drive housed in an enclosure and attached via USB.  At this stage performance is not expected to present itself as an issue because the small number of users who will be accessing the server.


  • Build cross compile environment
  • Cross compile base system
  • Cross compile kernel
  • Assembly
  • Initial Test with Raspberry Pi firmware
  • Test peripharals  with Raspberry Pi firmware
  •  If a test is failed seek a remedy
  • Install my operating  system onto the SD card
  • Boot my operating system repeat earlier tests
  • Build a slim kernel and keep old kernel as backup
  • Reboot and login via SSH
  • Start installing Server Specific Programs


Once the last Landmark has been reached this will no longer necessarily just be a Raspberry Pi project.  The Gentoo component of this task will be built based up on many build guides.  Each Landmark will be documented in a manner that will hopefully allow you to recreate what I hope to achieve albeit with heavy reference to external sites.


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